Women earn up to 30% less than men doing the same job. They only represent 13% of the seats in  parliament and just 9 heads of state are women. There are more women than men that have a college degree, while just 10% of the company’s CEO in the world are women.

How can we fix this situation?

After listening to Shryl Sandberg’s TED Talk called “Why we have too few women leaders”, I just wanted to get up from my seat and start convincing women that we are as capable as men, and our big mistake is to undervalue our capabilities. We can not deny the fact that women and men are different; not just physically, but they also act and think differently. The feminist movement is wrong. We do not have to struggle to be seen as equal as men, but rather show the world that our differences are needed in the economic, social, political and cultural fields.

Germany is the most powerful country in Europe and it  is ruled by Angela Merkel. General Motors’ CEO is Marry T Barra; who would 50 years ago think that the chair of a leader vehicles business would be hold by a woman? This illustrates that changes have been made, nevertheless this is just the beginning.

Women are hard workers, but this is not enough; we should deal our pay rise with our boss as men do, we have to take more risky decisions and stop putting ourselves in the “corner of the table” and instead, be in the middle of it. This means taking decisions in the company’s meeting, raising our hand to ask questions, “stop being shy” and never, ever, undervalue ourselves in front of men.


Women are more creative than men. They are well organized and accomplish their tasks until the end. That is showed by university results;  women have better grades than men, they can be concentrated for a longer time and they know better how to work in teams, distributing the work more efficiently. All these characteristics are needed in the labour force and can make a better world in all aspects.

How are women going to arrive to the top if they are still suffering from male chauvinism, even if it is in an implicit way, in their homes? The first step to persuade society that women can, and have to be, leaders is to educate families about the history of women, so they understand the differences between women in the XX century and the ones of the XXI century. Try to make your “partner a real partner”, someone who contributes in the household and the childcare.

Women no longer cry for everything, as it is believed, we do not need a hundred suitcases for a week-end work trip, but we are rather practical, we are not satisfied with the minimum work. We are eager to see the improvements of women’s condition in the next generations.

PS: Woman, do not undervalue yourself, live your dreams. You do not need to sacrifice either, your family or your job, but rather fuse both. The world needs us!


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