who is she?


Lourdes Nagore is a twenty-year-old Spanish girl. She had one of the
most entertaining childhoods, moving from one continent to another. Born in Madrid, she lived in Cameron, where she learnt French as her mother tongue. Therefore, she continued her primary and secondary education following the French system. Daughter of diplomats, she moved to Honduras when she was only 5 years old. There, she began to realize how lucky she was and started understanding the meaning of such words as poverty, inequality and starvation. It was common for her to see people lying in the streets or even begging while waiting in the traffic lights. These images kept in her memory and helped to shape her personality.

She is tenacious; she will always accomplish her duties until the end. Her motto for life is “Never give up”, reason why she is now studying in one of the most prestigious Spanish universities, Universidad de Navarra, even if that means being far from her family. Her goal is to work in an international organization as UN Women, thus she has chosen to study Economics Leadership and Governance. Lourdes is one of the 27 pioneers of this degree. She wants to understand the major problems of this era, be able of taking decisions and most of all create solutions.

In her free time she is keen on travelling, not in a stereotype touristic way, but rather coexisting with the different cultures. As is it to say, living for a few days in a family from this country and meeting people from different backgrounds. A funny anecdote is that in each of her travels, when she is  travelling on a plane or train, she always tries to talk with the person who is next to her. Going to San Francisco in 2011, she was reading Martin Eden, a book written by Jack London, when suddenly her neighbour in the plane told her that it was her favourite book. It occurs that this woman was working in the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Her name was Joelle Delaplace. She explained to Lourdes how economy was linked to solidarity and the different ways to help developing countries. Lourdes was astonished; from that day she knows that her “destiny” is to promote equality between human beings. She believes that education is key. Unfortunately, in some places it is  forbidden for  girls to attend school and this needs to be changed.

Lourdes likes undertaking adventures. This summer she is going to Laos with a bag pack to discover a part of the Asian continent and in August she is going to Cambodia with a friend to work with the NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, that enables a good future for children from the poorest areas of Phnom Penh, living in landfills.

Languages helps her a lot to communicate with everyone and to be useful in a global village. She likes discussing about politics and society issues, but she is also funny and likes good jokes, enjoying every moment of her life.

Her advice for life: “Do not forget to live intensively every second of this life, giving the best of you”.


One thought on “who is she?

  1. Rafa Tellez says:

    Esa tal Lourdes Nagore mola

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